Site surveys

Site survey is very important to get the best solution as per your requirements. We plan and design a wireless network to provide our customers the best solution. We visit the sites and determine the design parameters for setting up the network.

We try to provide the most accurate site survey results for mapping, planning and designing the network for improved performance and reliability. We take into account even the smallest detail for measuring actual end-user network performance in terms of connection speed, throughput and packet statistics. We take into account end-user performance metrics helping users deploy the network correctly to avoid any further complaints by the customers as much as possible. We develop pre-deployment scenarios to gauge budget. We also formulate migration strategies to new technologies and finalize the network configuration for meeting end-user network requirements.

Feasibility and estimation reports

A feasibility report is an important document because it provides all necessary information required to set up a network connection. After analyzing the design parameters of a particular site, we prepare the estimation report that is best suitable for the customer. The main aim of feasibility study is to investigate the benefits of proposed network in terms of productivity, cost savings and identify resources for implementation. The result of feasibility study is a detailed report to management that will help you decide on whether or not to proceed further with the assignment. The cost involved in installing and upgrading a network is only justified if the network is likely to serve for longer period of time.

The feasibility study identifies the resources needed for the project and provides a rough estimate of overall costs and the impact of the project on the organization. It also provides the estimate in terms of productivity and savings.

Establishment, configuration and deployment

After entire estimation has been done, the purpose of establishment starts. Establishment and configuration becomes easy when the feasibility report becomes ready.