WAN Solution

A Wide Area Network extends over a large distance and is often established using leased telecommunication circuits. WAN is typically used by corporations which want to share information between dispersed campuses. WAN allows you to send information over a larger area. WANs are used for voice services, data and image transmission. WANs help users at remote sites to access data on a central database. In order to make the most out of WAN, we need to maximize the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN), also known as WAN optimization. It includes prioritizing traffic and allocating bandwidth accordingly.

Aggregation solution

WAN aggregation is a very important element that provides optimal WAN performance. Though analog and ISDN links are economical but they are very slow.

Load balancing

Load across a network can be balanced by using multiple data lines thereby preventing network traffic congestion.In case any line fails data communications are not interrupted because load gets transferred to other data lines.

Application Optimization

Application optimization is an architectural solution that consists of various tools and techniques which help to provide reliable and secure delivery of applications across the network.