Routers / Managed – Semi-Managed Switching / L2 – L3 Switching

Depending on the client requirement we configure and deploy routers and switches. Our expertise include, managed-semi managed switching or L2-L3 switching.

A managed switch gives the user the ability to log into the network switch, monitor and configure each port one by one. These switches have one or more methods to modify the operation of the switch. Some methods include CLI (Command Line Interface), SNMP (Simple network management protocol) etc.

These switches have less configuration interface or options. They are less expensive compared to semi managed switches. They can be desktop or rack mounted.

Layer 2 (L-2) switches learn MAC addresses automatically, building a table can be done to selectively forward packets. Layer 2 information is easily retrieved, as a result packets can be forwarded very quickly.

Intelligent packet forwarding and high performance are the features of Layer 3 (L-3) switches. L-3 switches have the ability to segment a network logically into Virtual LANs. It is highly secure, hence, unauthorized setup changes cannot be done. It provides guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS).