Access Control Systems

These systems impose restrictions of access to a place or resource. Authorization is required to allow a person or resource to gain access to a place. Access control systems perform authorization, identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical keys. Access controls are security features that control how users and systems communicate with other systems and resources.

Primarily it has a three step process:

  • Identification: Identification is a process of ensuring that an object is the entity it claims to be
  • Authentication: This is a method of proving the user’s identity.
  • Authorization: This is a method of providing certain rights to objects depending on subject.

Bio-metric/proximity ACS

Biometric makes use of finger prints or retina detection to identify a person and allow access to only those whose biometric data is stored in the system.

Time Management Solutions / Time Attendance Solutions / Visitor Management Solutions

These systems are used in companies or organizations which need to mark the attendance of its employees/visitors.